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Crypto faucets are online platforms that offer a simple and convenient way for users to earn small amounts of cryptocurrency. These platforms typically provide free coins or tokens to visitors in exchange for completing simple tasks, such as solving captchas or watching advertisements.

Crypto faucets have gained popularity as a means of introducing newcomers to the crypto world and encouraging wider adoption of digital currencies.


"Shortlinks" refers to a method of generating income online by using shortened URLs. When users click on these shortlinks, they are redirected to the original website, while the creator of the shortlink earns a small commission.

"Earn with shortlinks" provides a simple and accessible way for people to monetize their online presence and content.

Paid To Click

Paid to visit websites is a popular method of earning money online by getting paid for visiting and interacting with websites. Users sign up for these platforms and are presented with a list of websites to visit.

Paid to visit websites offer a simple way for individuals to earn extra income from the comfort of their own homes by simply browsing websites.


Earning with offerwalls is a popular method of making money online by completing various offers and tasks. The tasks may involve providing feedback, trying out new products or services, or engaging with advertisers.

Earning with offerwalls provides individuals with a flexible and accessible way to supplement their income or earn rewards by simply completing tasks and offers that align with their interests and preferences.

Daily Bonus

A daily bonus reward is a special incentive that is offered to users on a daily basis. By logging in or actively participating each day, individuals can earn a bonus reward, such as extra points, credits, or virtual currency.

This serves as a way to encourage consistent engagement and provide users with an additional benefit for their continued loyalty and regular use of a platform or service.

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Improving performance metrics on SimilarWeb

We help websites achieve high positions in the SimilarWeb ranking, as well as improve key performance indicators such as traffic volume, depth, and duration of visits. Any website or even a group of websites in the desired proportion can serve as a traffic source.

  • We focus on driving organic, live audience to websites. We ensure that the traffic generated consists of real users.
  • Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to quickly place an order.
  • Quick start: No waiting, get instant activity right after launch.
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Nexfaucet advertising is a great way to show advantages of your product or share your ideas with as many people as possible!

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We make sure that when our users look at websites the window is big enough and is on top.

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